Plain Clothes Creative
is David Holman:
Designer, Art Director,
Visual Branding Specialist.

I design logos, websites, catalogs, retail signage, and lots of other things that help you interact with customers and prospects. More importantly, I design every piece as part of a whole visual system that reinforces a consistent and professional brand at every customer engagement, from the brochure to the website to the business card.

I also keep a broad network of other amazing creative pros within arm’s reach. With a background in creative management, I can oversee the sourcing and execution of the rest of the project: photography, copy writing, code development, even finding the most cost-effective printer.

I do the concepts, design, and production on most projects. When the project requires a skill I know someone can do better and faster than me, I bring in the perfect talent for exactly the time needed. The whole structure of the team is created around your budget and the needs of your project.

Creating powerful brands that generate consistent revenue is what I do. The friendly price tag is just a bonus.

All of this gets far more interesting when we’re talking about your business. Call or e-mail any time to talk about how Plain Clothes can help you make your next big market breakthrough.

541 621 2651 / david (at)